Parents Toolkit

Protect Your School-Aged Children from Harassment and Covid Procedures

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The Parents Toolkit on this page will empower you to defend your school-aged child's rights and guarantee they will not be subjected to Covid medical procedures without your express permission.

Summary: Protecting Your Children's Rights

1. Know Your Child's Rights

As a minor, you child cannot be subjected to any Covid medical procedures without your permission. With our governments pushing for mandatory testing and vaccines we strongly advise you to use the Notice of Non-Consent in this toolkit to protect your child before these procedures are put in place.

Don't risk having your child come home from school to inform you that they have been vaccinated or subjected to testing without your consent.

2. Your Child's Rights in Brief

Children have the same rights in Canada as adults, but in the case of the 'pandemic' it is wise to remind your school authorities of your child's specific rights in this area. On behalf of your child, you have the right to require that they will not be...

  • subjected to wearing a mask
  • segregated
  • isolated or discriminated against for exercising their rights
  • subjected to mandatory hand washing with hand sanitizer
  • subjected to testing of any kind
  • subjected to the collection of bodily fluids for any purpose
  • given medication or vaccines without your express permission

Contravention of any of these rights may be punishable under, but not limited to, the following:

  • The Education Act
  • Your Provincial Bill of Rights, if applicable
  • Your Provincial Human Rights Act
  • The Public Health Act
  • The Canadian Criminal Code
  • The Canadian Bill of Rights
  • The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Convictions carry penalties including heavy fines, dismissal from their job, and in some cases a mandatory minimum prison sentence.

3. How to Defend Your Child's Rights

Note that currently this Notice is specific to Alberta. The lawyers are working on a version which will not be province-specific. Please check back soon.

Print and sign the Notice of Non-Consent below. You may deliver it to your school superintendent by either:

A. Email (click the button below to find your Superintendent's email address). We advise that you cc your child's principal. It is vital that you request not only a 'Read Receipt' but a written acknowledgement. This return email is your proof that you have notified your superintendent.

B. Registered Mail. If you wish to be absolutely certain of being able to prove that your child's superintendent has received this notice, you can send it via registered mail. You will need to find the address of your superintendent's office.

4. What To Do if Your Superintendent/Principal Does Not Comply

This is a legal and binding Notice of Non-Consent. As your child's legal guardian your wishes for your child's health supercede any school policies or government health orders. If, after filing this notice, your child is subjected to a procedure you did not specifically approve, we recommend contacting the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms ( to discuss launching a lawsuit.

The JCCF is taking on a limited number of pro-bono cases. If they do not have the capacity contact us. Our litigation lawyer may also take on your case pro-bono.

5. What is the Danger of Not Filing this Notice?

Governments across Canada are attempting to make testing and vaccines mandatory. We have no doubt that they will bring these illegal mandates to our children in our schools. Mandatory testing is being used to manufacture false positive cases, which in turn are being used as a justification to shut down our schools, denying our children healthy socialization and a proper education.

By filing this Notice of Non-Consent you achieve two objectives...

  1. You protect your child from any medical procedures related to Covid without your express permission.
  2. By filing this Notice you let the authorities know that you will strongly oppose any steps to make these procedures mandatory. This pressure alone may be enough to dissuade the government from attempting this step.

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