Ineffectiveness of Lockdowns and Masks

Lockdowns: No Effect on Deaths

In this chart from the Alberta government it can be clearly seen that lockdowns and masks have had no effect whatsoever on Covid deaths. What we do see is a normal season epidemic progression with deaths rising by late October and peaking in the second week of January. This is the same curve followed by influenza every year.

Source: Alberta Health


Lockdowns: No Effect on Cases

We see the same normal seasonal epidemic curve here. Neither lockdowns nor mandatory masks have had any effect on cases.

Of course when talking about cases we must keep in mind that an artificial 'case-demic' is being manufactured by the improper use of the PCR procedure.

Source: Alberta Health


Normal Curve of Influenza

This chart from the Government of Canada shows a normal flu year progression with outbreaks starting in week 43, which is mid to late October, then tapering off again in the spring. This happens every year.

Source: Government of Canada

influenze outbreaks 2018 to 2019

"None of this is based on science"

B.C. Health Officer Bonny Henry, when referring the lockdowns states clearly that "none of this is based on science".

Source: B.C. Government Press Release