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RFK Jr. Discusses 5G Crisis, Vaccines, Censorship, Erosion of Democracy

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK Jr. Discusses 5G Crisis, Vaccines, Erosion of Democracy

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Dr. Naomi Wolfe, CEO of Daily Clout with a Dire Warning about Vaccine Passports

Dr. Naomi Wolfe

Dr. Naomi Wolf, CEO of Daily Clout explains Digital Vaccine Passports and it’s implications

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April 12, 2021 Public Address by Alberta Physicians Dr. Hodkinson and Dr. Modry

Dr. Dennis Modry and Dr. Roger Hodkinson

This must-see video, Dr. Dennis Modry, a cardiac surgeon and immunologist and Dr. Roger Hodkinson address the Alberta Government’s totalitarian agenda with bullet-proof research and references.

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Canadian Doctors Speak Out (March 2021)

Canadian Medical Doctors

“Evidence-based medical information should be the determining factor in all governmental healthcare rules, policies and procedures. Further, the first principle of medical and health care practice is to do no harm.”

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Violations of Human Rights: 32 Year Veteran Police Officer Addresses Canadian Law Enforcement

Officer Vincent Gircys

Narrated by a retired Ontario Provincial Police Officer Vincent Gircys, who served 32 years with law enforcement, this well prepared and clearly articulated video gets right to the point of the oath police officers take when serving the public, and the rising oppresive trend that is eroding our democracy today.

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Why I Wear A Mask


Satire at its best. With some excellent statements about human nature.

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Dr. Lee Merrit: The New American Interview, Medical Consent, Bioweapons & mRNA vaccine risks

Dr. Lee Merrit

Dr. Lee Merrit, MD, discusses the experimental vaccines and questions why there is a conspiracy to receive other more effective treatments.

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Professor Dolores Cahill Speaks about constitutional laws and inalienable rights.

Dolores Cahill

Prof. Colores Cahill shares strategies to avoid unwittingly agreeing to quarantining contracts at airports.

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MUST WATCH – Planet Lockdown Documentary Film – Catherine Austin Fitts – Full Interview

Catherine Austin Fitts

The interview was done as apart of a full length documentary under production called Planet Lockdown and released in advance for those interested in learning more.

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Dr. Stephen Malthouse, MD

In an interview with a physician from British Columbia, a news reporter gets the uncensored truth about COVID-19.

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Freedom Rally In Calgary

Freedom Rally

This is a short clip of a rally in Calgary on Boxing Day 2020.

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Police join the Freedom Wave in Spain

Reporter In Spain

Police For Freedom ground stands with the public against tyrannical lockdowns.

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Interview trailer for Documentary “Planet Lockdown” featuring Epidemiology expert Knut Wittkowsky, Ph.D.

Dr. Knut Wittkowsy

Dr. Knut Wittkowsky is a well-researched scientist in the field of epidemiology. This interview was done as apart of a full length documentary yet to be released.

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Dr. Malcolm Kendrick on detriment of Lockdowns: What is left to say?

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, General Practitioner

‘What on earth are we doing? This is no worse than a bad flu, and we are destroying the world economy, stripping away basic human rights and killing more people than we are saving’ banner.

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Dr. Scott Jensen, MD: How The CDC’s Guidelines For Certifying Coronavirus Deaths Could Be Misleading The Public

Senator Scott Jensen: Family physician from Minnesota,

Tony Robbins interviews Senator Scott Jensen, a family physician from Minnesota, about the CDC’s guidelines for reporting COVID-19 deaths – and how some hospitals may be over-reporting fatalities in order to receive more funding. This issue is crucial to be informed about, because many patients who merely test positive for COVID-19 but die of other causes are listed as coronavirus deaths to benefit the hospital’s bottom line.

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Professor Dr. Michael Levitt: The Truth About Mortality Rates | COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline

Dr. Michael Levitt, Nobel Laureate and Stanford Professor

Tony Robbins interviews Dr. Michael Levitt, Nobel Laureate and Stanford Professor, about his extensive analysis of COVID-19 mortality rates – which have shown strict lockdowns to be an overreaction that have caused more harm than good.

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Dr. Scott Jensen, MD: The Truth About Masks | COVID-19 Facts From The Frontline

Senator Scott Jensen

Tony Robbins speaks to Senator Scott Jensen, a family physician from Minnesota, to uncover the truth about masks. After initially discouraging the public to wear masks, the CDC now recommends the use of cloth face coverings to slow the spread of coronavirus. But are they really effective? According to Senator Jensen, the answer is no.

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Lawsuit filed against Big Tech for false fact checking and censorship – PCR tests are completely unreliable

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich explains how this Pandemic is staged and that PCR tests reveal nothing about infection. He also explains the basis of the lawsuit.

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7 Experts: Unmasking The Science You Aren’t Hearing On TV | COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline

Dr. Michael Levitt, Dr. Alan Preston, Sen. Scott Jensen, M.D. , Dr. Michael Roizen, Dr. Dan Erickson , Dr. Artin Massihi, Dr. Eran Bendavid

Introducing the “Facts From the Frontlines episode of TheTonyRobbinsPodcast – where Tony uncovers the truth about coronavirus with a 7-person panel of highly qualified researchers, an experienced epidemiologist, a Nobel Laureate, and M.D.s testing and treating patients on the frontlines. Together, they reveal the evidence-based research that has come to light so far.

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Buffalo New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders

Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders. These small business owners (who are just trying to survive) chase out Sheriff & Health Dept who are trying to shut down their meeting.

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Dr. Michael Yeadon, Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great COVID-19 Scam

Michael Yeadon, Ph.D - former vice-president and chief scientific adviser of the drug company Pfizer

There are currently no excess deaths while cases increase. The PCR test is not a valid diagnostic tool and should not be done on the scale we’re now doing it. The high rate of false positives is only fodder for needless fearmongering
Virtually no one who is asymptomatic has the live virus, but when you run the test at a cycle threshold over 30, meaning you amplify the viral RNA more than 30 times, you end up with a positive test even if the virus is inactive and noninfectious. Very few people will need the COVID-19 vaccine as the mortality rate is so low and the illness is clearly not causing excess deaths

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Dr. Rashid Buttar, MD: Fear, Immune System, Freedom + Segments from the “Overcoming Fear Summit”

Dr. Rashid A Buttar

An excellent overview of the current situation regarding the so called “pandemic” and helps to explain the critical issues people need to understand. This video also goes into the difference between humoral immunity (antibody mediated) and cell-mediated or cellular immunity (cytotoxic cell mediated). It goes on to discuss the use of fear in making people give up their freedoms for the illusion of safety and concludes with information regarding the IADFW.

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Dr. Lorna Levesque Addresses Crowd with a Message for Medical Professionals

Lorna Levesque

Lorna Levesque, a resident of Edmonton, speaks to a crowd regarding the PCR testing methods that are being used to inflate Covid cases numbers with millions of instances of people who are not sick, will not be sick, and quite possibly never even had the virus. She also rightly admonishes the medical community for not speaking out.

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Amazing Debate on Lockdown Ideology versus Scientific Approach – Unmissable!!


Well expressed arguments against lockdowns and very intelligent questions about why they are still being done. Notice how the pro-lockdown ‘expert’ quotes no data whatsoever to back up his claims

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Professor Carl Heneghan: How Positive COVID Tests are Forever


Professor Heneghan shows how anyone with a positive Covid test in their past has their death recorded as being due to Covid, even if they die months later from something else.

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USC Professor Joel Hay: No scientific proof that social distancing works

Joel W. Hay, PhD; Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Economics, USC School of Pharmacy

Joel W. Hay, PhD; Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Economics, USC School of Pharmacy

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Canadian Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati

Rocco Galati lists the numerous areas in which the Covid19 lockdown measures, including mandatory mask bylaws are illegally violating our constitutional rights. Mr. Galati has filed suit against all 3 levels of government including the Federal government, and will be pursuing this case in Supreme Court.

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Dr. Sam Bailey, MD ‘Fact-Checked’ after her video on the inaccuracy of the PCR test for Covid-19

Dr. Sam Bailey

In her previous video Dr. Bailey discusses why the standard PCR test for Covid-19 is unreliable and is likely resulting in a large number of false positives. Her video was ‘fact-checked’ and found to be ‘partly false’. Dr. Sam responds with grace and intelligence and fact-checks the fact-checkers. BTW, wait till you see who the ‘fact-checkers’ work for.

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Dr. Joel Hay: “No Scientific Proof” Social Distancing Prevents Spread

Joel W. Hay, PhD - Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Economics, USC School of Pharmacy

Dr. Joel Hay debunks the idea that social distancing has helped stop the spread of the disease. He cites data from Sweden and points out the known fact that Covid was active in the U.S. late last year, months before social distancing measures were put in place. Dr. Hay states that the lockdowns are “destroying millions of lives and killing about a hundred people for every one it ostensibly saves”.

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Dr. Sam Bailey, MD: What the Covid PCR test actually tests for, and why it’s so inaccurate

Dr. Sam Bailey

Dr, Sam Bailey explains what the Covid PCR test actually test for (hint: It’s not the virus) and why it is so inaccurate. The PCR test is a diagnostic test, not a screening test.

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Dr. Scott W. Atlas, MD: Lockdown Measures Are Costing Far More in Life Lost than the Virus

Scott W. Atlas, M.D. Senior Fellow at Stanford University

Dr. Atlas and his associates have conducted extensive research on the cost of the virus vs the cost of lockdown measures and discovered that lockdowns are costing 700,000 years of lost life per month. This means that to date, after 4.5 months of global lockdowns, these measures have cost over 3 million life years, compared to 1 million life-years for the virus. It is also vital to note that the life-years lost to the virus are based upon total deaths and therefore include many people who would have died this year from other causes anyway. To say that lockdown measures have cost 3 times what the virus has in terms of human life is therefore extremely conservative. The actual number may be more in the range of 20 times.

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Dr. Michael Levitt, Nobel Laureate, Explains the Truth About Mortality Rates

Dr. Michael Levitt, Nobel Laureate, Stanford Professor

Dr. Michael Levitt explains, among many other points, how death rates from COVID + flu in the past 8 months are about the same as the flu death rates in 2017/2018

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Dr. Scott Jensen, MD: Use of Masks is ‘Looney Tunes’

U.S. Senator Scott Jensen, M.D.

Dr. Scott Jensen explains how small airborne COVID particles are and states clearly that the idea that masks will protect people is “looney tunes”.

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Stanford Epidemiologist John Ioannidis, DSc, M.D.: Odds of Dying From COVID Lower Than Odds of Dying While Driving to Work

Stanford Professor John Ioannidis, DSc, M.D.


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Erin Marie Olszewski, RN: How New York Hospitals are Inflating COVID Numbers

Erin Marie Olszewski, R.N.

Ex-army nurse now working at New York’s Elmhurst hospital wears a hidden camera and microphone and shows how patients who tested negative for the virus have COVID marked as their cause of death.

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