Help Support the Fight for Our Rights and Freedoms, and the Lives and Livelihoods of All Canadians.

Will's June 3rd Update

Volunteer to Deliver Fundraising Packages


ECL Volunteer Code of Conduct

When acting as a representative of End Canada Lockdown, I:

  • will not encourage or engage in acts of violence, nor will I associate ECL with organizations that have been known to engage in violent protest in the past.
  • will not engage in any illegal activities, saving those that are 'deemed' illegal by our health authorities in respect to Covid-19 and the lockdowns.
  • will respect my fellow volunteers.

Failure to abide by our code of conduct may result in your dismissal from our organization.


Who We Are and Why We Need Your Help is an initiative of Western Advocacy Group, a registered non-profit organization (NPO). We are entirely a volunteer organization and rely completely upon donations to operate. Any amount you can give will be put to use in the fight to recover our rights and freedoms.


Prefer to donate offline? Please send a cheque to:

Western Advocacy Group
62 Wedgewood Drive SW
Calgary, AB. T3C 3G5

Please include your name and email address as this is the easiest way for us to send you a receipt.

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Our costs (to date and ongoing):

  • $1,850.00/month ongoing expenses - approx.  (dedicated web hosting, Mailchimp email, Amazon SES, Pro plugins for our website, etc.)
  • $300.00/month website security (absolutely necessary as we have many enemies)
  • $54,810.00 to date: Accrued web development costs (EAL and
  • $2,650.00: Printing of signs (cost for 500 signs with lawn stands)
  • $6,825.00: Printing of brochures (cost for 100,000 brochures - we are now printing 2 brochures so double this)
  • $320.00: Printing of generic business cards to direct people to our site. These are mostly displayed by our member businesses (cost for 10,000 cards)
  • $6,000/month: approx. Advertising on Facebook and other platforms
  • $300.00 to $1,200.00/month: Misc. expenses such as shipping costs for signs and flyers, banner printing, video recordings, etc.

Things we could do with more funding...

  • Expand our online advertising, our most effective form of gathering new signatures and members, as well as raising public awareness
  • Print more flyers and signs
  • Hire a full-time social media promoter