Brochure Delivery

One of our most effective initiatives is our Brochure Delivery Program. Volunteers deliver brochures to mailboxes across Canada. On this page you can order brochures, track where you have delivered them, and find a buddy to deliver brochures with. The map at the bottom of the page will show you where you can pick up your brochures.

Order Brochures

The PCR Brochure and The Deadly Cost of the Lockdowns (a partnership effort with the JCCF)

We are working in partnership with the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms to deliver our brochures and theirs to mailboxes across the province. We have a simple-to-use delivery area reporting system on this page, as well as the Delivery Buddy program to keep people safe (we have had instances of hostility toward some of our volunteers but fortunately no violence).

Coming Soon: 100,000 brochures to be delivered (of each)!

Our PCR Brochure

The JCCF Brochure

Brochure Order Form

Brochures are free of course but we do need to keep track of inventory. Please use this form to let us know how many brochures you would like. Once you fill in the form you will be redirected to the Distribution Center map to find your nearest pickup location.

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Map: See Where Flyers Have Been Delivered

Draw the Area Where You Delivered Brochures

This map is an essential tool for our delivery volunteers. As we have new volunteers entering the system all the time, this map shows where brochures have already been delivered. We appreciate you keeping your brochure deliveries up to date, as it helps to prevent having brochures delivered to the same addresses twice. If you have difficulty using this map, please contact your delivery coordinator.

Check the Video Tutorial and Instructions to See How to Mark Your Delivery Area

Mobile Users! Please note that this tool will be extremely difficult to use on phones. We recommend you use your laptop/desktop for this.

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How to Mark Where You've Delivered

If you accidentally delete or change someone else's drawing, do not click 'Save Drawing' and press Ctrl-F5 (Cmd-F5 on a Mac) to reload this page.

  • 1
    Select Map

    Select 'Delivery Tracking'

  • 2
    Select Your Area

    Drag and zoom the map to your area

  • 3
    Draw Where You've Delivered

    Use the 'Draw a Shape' button at the top of the map to draw a boundary around where you've delivered flyers.

    If you make a mistake, click on the shape you've made, then click the Trash icon to try again.

Be sure to click 'Save Drawing' when you're done.

Find a Delivery Buddy

You can find a delivery buddy here. Check the map for someone close to you and you will be able to contact them by clicking the links to arrange times to deliver brochures together.

To register for the Delivery Buddy Program, fill in the order form above and provide your address. You will be automatically placed on the map. Your address will not be displayed.

We recommend delivering with a buddy

Some of our members have received verbal abuse while delivering brochures. While these incidents have been rare, we do recommend delivering in pairs. We recommend that you cover opposite sides of the street but stay close to your buddy. If you see or hear your delivery buddy under threat immediately begin recording the encounter with your phone and make it obvious to the person that they are being recorded. Almost no one will commit an act of violence if they know they are being recorded.

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Pick Up Your Brochures

On this map you can find the nearest distribution center. Hours are posted for most. You can arrive anytime during the Open hours to pick up your brochures (you do not need to call first). If those hours do not work for you, you can contact the distributor via email or phone to arrange another time.

We are in the process of opening distribution centers across Canada. If there is no distribution center near you yet, please check back soon.

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