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End the Alberta Lockdown

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The Cost of the Lockdowns

Lockdowns have led to unprecedented unemployment and the permanent closing of many businesses across Alberta. In addition to this, Albertans are being forced to endure the societal toll of isolation which has dramatically increased deaths from suicides and overdoses. Many are gravely concerned that their personal and financial well-being is at higher risk from lockdowns than from the virus itself.  In the words of Dr. David Nabarro, of the World Health Organization, "the only thing the lockdowns are accomplishing is making the poor poorer."


Violations of Our Rights

The lockdowns and mandatory mask bylaws are contraventions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and of the Bill of Rights. There are a number of organizations across Canada, as well as here in Alberta, filing suit against our governments for these violations of our rights.


Covid Science & Expert Testimony

We now have data from our own government and health authorities to prove that COVID-19 is not a threat to the vast majority of us, especially the working population. We also have expert testimony that the lockdowns and mask bylaws are not effective at stopping the spread while there are proven treatments and preventative measures that could greatly reduce the spread and the number of deaths, without need for experimental new vaccines. We must question why these measures are not being used.

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Alberta Anti-Lockdown Awareness and Lobby Group

Our mission is to build a strong inclusive community delivering resources based on facts and our Canadian core values of freedom and community and to accelerate awareness to inspire and empower Albertans to protect their rights. Together we are working to protect the lives and livelihoods of all Albertans and to provide a central rallying point for all organizations and individuals committed to the same cause.

End Alberta Lockdown is a grass roots organization committed to creating a movement not only to protect our rights now but to guarantee the future rights of our families and the generations to come.

We are a dedicated people fighting for our freedom.

The Lockdowns and the Violations of our Charter Rights and Freedoms

In this panel interview with Lawyers4Truth we reveal the many ways in which the lockdowns are violating our Charter Rights and Freedoms, and what you can do to push back.

Special attention is paid to the Mandatory Mask Mandate.

Upcoming Demonstrations

Every Sunday

Calgary - Central Memorial Park

Find out more info @Calgary Freedom Central

Where: 1221-2nd Street SW (corner of 4th Street and 12th Avenue)
When: Sunday, 1 p.m.
What: Several speakers, followed by a march down 17th Avenue, and a dance party with other family friendly activities afterwards.

We will have our booth setup with free cold drinks, our brochures & signs, merchandise, donations for struggling businesses, along with several other activities for children and adults. In addition, this rally will act as a pick-up location for lawn signs and flyers if you have registered for them online. (weather permitting)

Come out and join us in fighting for our freedoms!

You Deserve a Voice

Have Your Say!

Tell your story. Voice your opinion. Rant. Whatever. Your voice matters. Help us put a human face on the lockdowns. Come visit our video station at the demonstration this weekend. You can even be anonymous if you wish. You may be featured on our website (with your permission of course).

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march 20 brad
Saturday, May 1st

Calgary - Prince's Island

Hosted by Freedom Unity Alliance

Where: Prince's Island Park, Main Stage (West)
When: 1 p.m.
What: Several speakers, followed by a march around the island, with more speakers once returning to the stage.

We will have our booth setup with free cold drinks, our brochures & signs, merchandise, donations for struggling businesses, along with several other activities for children and adults. In addition, this rally will act as a pick-up location for lawn signs and flyers if you have registered for them online. (weather permitting)

Come out and join us in fighting for our freedoms!

The Vital Importance of Civil Disobedience

"We do not give our governments power when we elect them, but rather when we choose to obey them. When a government places itself above the Charter Rights of the people and abuses its power, the response of the people must be to take that power away by refusing to comply." Founder
Will Dove

Breaking Lockdown and COVID News

What to Do If You Get a Fine

Under no circumstances should you pay it!

Simply contact the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms. They will defend you at no cost. You may also contact Rebel News. They too have a team of lawyers dedicated to fighting Lockdown fines at no cost.

Many fines have already been thrown out of court as unconstitutional (see our rights below). Our governments and bylaw enforcement may not lawfully issue fines for violations of laws and bylaws which are themselves illegal.

Mandatory Face mask law and by-law for wearing masks and facial coverings as a regulation for public safety as a medical or hospital legal issues with 3D illustration elements.

Other Petitions

Stop the Vaxxport

Very Important. A petition to stop the vaccine passport.

End the Lockdown

Another province-wide petition.

End The Lockdowns Caucus

Support a group of current and former politicians across Canada standing up against the lockdowns

Don't Lock Alberta Down. A province-wide petition.

Canadian Constitution Foundation

The Canadian Constitution Foundation is a registered charity, independent and non-partisan, whose mission is to defend the constitutional freedoms of Canadians through education, communication and litigation.

House of Commons

Canada-wide anti-Covid-vaccine petition.

Common Sense Calgary

There are a number of petitions here under the Action tab.

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

Charles Mackay
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
Published 1841

Why We Protest the lockdown measures

  • 1

    For the working population, COVID-19 is less lethal than seasonal flu.

    Data from Health Canada and Statistics Canada shows that in the under 60 population, COVID-19 mortality is lower than from seasonal flu over the past 20 years. Even in the over 60 population, mortality is in scale with the seasonal flu. See the charts above for evidence.

  • 2

    Lockdowns did not improve access to health care for Albertans.

    The lockdowns were instituted to 'flatten the curve' and prevent our health care system from being overwhelmed. Data now shows that at no point in the past year have Covid cases exceeded 12% of Alberta's ICU capacity. At no point was there danger of our hospitals being overwhelmed. However, many elective surgeries and treatments were cancelled or rescheduled and wait times are long.

  • 4

    Lockdowns don't work.

    World Health Organization representative Dr. David Nabarro has stated clearly "We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus," and also that "the only thing the lockdowns are accomplishing is to make the poor poorer". With Albertan businesses still being severely restricted in the number of customers they can serve, the only thing being accomplished is further damage to the Albertan economy.

  • 5

    Lockdowns are costing far more in loss of life than the virus has or ever could.

    To date, less than 25 people under the age of 60 in Alberta have died with Covid. Historical data from the Center for Suicide Prevention predicts that this year alone, we will see an additional 120 suicides in the under 60 population as a result of increased unemployment alone, to say nothing of the isolation and anxiety being caused by lockdown measures and media fearmongering. Many of these suicides will be in their teens and twenties. In Alberta, the suicide rate increases by 2.8% for every 1% increase in unemployment. This equates to an additional 17 suicides for every 100,000 jobs lost. This will continue in to the coming years, as it will take a very long time to replace those jobs.

  • 6

    The lockdown measures are a clear violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Many legal organizations are filing lawsuits against all levels of government for this blatant violation of Canadian rights and a number of cases of lockdown fines across Canada have already been thrown out of court as being unconstitutional.

Why We Protest the Mandatory Mask Bylaw

  • A

    Masks don't work.

    If these measures worked, there would have been a marked drop in cases and deaths in Calgary and Edmonton when mandatory mask bylaws and social distancing policies were put in place. No such drop was observed. Studies now show in countries when mandatory masking was introduced, there was no positive benefit to slowing the spread of the virus.

  • B

    Mandatory masks are a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    We believe these laws to be a violation of our rights and freedoms. The decision to wear a mask should be a personal one, especially in light of the now overwhelming evidence that only about 1 in 10,000 Albertans are in any danger from this virus and the fact that no correlating drop in cases has been observed following the institution of mandatory masks. These mask bylaws serve nothing but to increase needless fear.

  • C

    Masks are disruptive and unnecessary in schools

    We oppose mandatory masks for Calgary students, first, on the grounds that they are ineffectual, and second, on the grounds that not a single school-age child in Alberta has died from COVID-19. In addition, only two people under the age of 20 in all of Canada have died from Covid. This is far less than die every year in this age group from seasonal flu. Clearly our children are in no danger. Masks are disruptive in the classroom and a violation of our children's rights.

  • D

    Teachers don't need protection

    The argument that masks are in place to protect the teachers is a hollow one. Most teachers are under the age of 60 and far more likely to die while driving to work than to die from Covid.

EndAlbertaLockdown promotes peaceful objection to the lockdowns and mandatory mask mandates. Under no circumstances do we condone violence or abuse towards those who believe differently than we do. 

“We really do appeal to all world leaders: stop using lockdown as your primary control method. Develop better systems for doing it. Work together and learn from each other, but remember lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never, ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer.”

Dr. David Nabarro
Special Envoy of the World Health Organization

Our Partners

Other organizations that are fighting for our civil liberties and working to get Albertans back to work.


Action4Canada is a grassroots movement reaching out to millions of Canadians and UNITING our voices in opposition to the destructive policies tearing at the fabric of this nation. Through Call To ACTION campaigns, we equip citizens to take action. We are committed to protecting…FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM


Welcome to Druthers, Canada’s new, FREE, alternative media outlet.

Canada, you have really stepped up big time with all your love & support of this project and we truly are making a difference. Druthers is only 5 months old and growing like crazy! With your help we have printed and given out 675,000 free newspapers, started making video reporting content & have this spiffy new website for sharing important news and information that every Canadian should know about.

Check us out on BitChute! 


Chris Sky is a motivational speaker and the world’s most prolific human rights advocate. His vast knowledge and articulate delivery are second to none when it comes to examining and presenting the facts to find the truth. The truth that is intentionally kept hidden from you. Chris Sky not only provides the knowledge to assert your rights and preserve your freedoms. He leads by example and puts his very life on the line, everyday. His mission to help and educate others has seen him targeted and persecuted by our own government in previously unspeakable ways, which are now becoming a commonplace as our country and much of the world slides steadily towards tyranny.

Canadian Political Accountability

This group was created to allow people to submit their own links, videos, and other types of accountability posts.

We want this group to be for those who want to work toward improving Canada, restoring sanity and accountability to government and working to unify Canadians for a better tomorrow.

Alberta Press Leader

Our mission:

Alberta Press‘ award-winning journalists – with decades of experience working for mainstream media – bring Albertans unbiased, truth-driven, accurate and timely news.

Our website gets up to 76,000 unique visitors a day, and up to 2.3 million unique visitors a month.

In our stories:

• Remain independent of any government, corporate or lobbyist influence.

• Give readers the information and let them make up their own minds.

• Consider the public interest when making decisions about what to publicize.

• Correct mistakes.

• Treat everyone – individuals, organizations and government – with fairness and equality.

• Be impartial and present balanced stories.

Mountain View Freedom

Mountain View Freedom is a group of common-sense

folk, who enjoy research and truth,

putting the statistics regarding COVID into context so that good decisions can be made.

You are welcome to join us.

Elders Without Borders

Elders Without Borders is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the preservation of the wisdom and teachings of our Indigenous Elders and Ancestors with the knowledge that their guidance, protection, and support are our compass during the chaos of these changing times.

This site is to offer just that, a reconnection to the traditional ways with innovative ideas with the preservation of the Next 7 Generations at heart.   We have created a sacred circle and invite you to join our team as a supporter in any way you feel called.


VIVID Psychology & Wellness

* Community * Holistic * Compassion * Healing * Consciousness * Transformation *

We are a collective of mental health and wellness professionals who are aligned in providing exceptional and responsive customer service. Vivid believes in the holistic approach to wellness and we deliver that by providing psychology, counseling, and coaching services, a wellness space that provides programs and activities, as well as courses and seminars; all designed to support you in your journey.

Police on Guard for Thee

We will today, and the days to come, continue to Stand on Guard for Thee.
We are a group of concerned retired and active duty peace officers looking to see an end to unconstitutional public health orders. Peace officers are being directed to defy their Oath to uphold the rights of the people they protect and this must end.

Street Church

Street Church Ministries is a multi-denominational, multi-ethnical ministry of believers, who have been reborn in the spirit of the Lord, coming together to take part in the call of Acts 1:8. Our vision is to give everyone an opportunity to respond to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the proclamation of the full Gospel. We envision a Street Church in every city and town in Canada, and around the world.

Street Church Ministries is involved in evangelism every week in the city of Calgary where we go out by the power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the full gospel, giving everyone the opportunity to respond to Jesus. We know that there is power in the simple message of the gospel.

Walk for FREEDOM

Walk for Freedom was established by Freedom UNITY Alliance in Calgary as a UNITED front for various movements and peoples to rally and peacefully promote breeches to our civil liberties across Alberta

Truth Matters

Open Letter and Information Package
The Truth about SARS-Cov-2 & Covid19
BC package available for DOWNLOAD NOW!
AB package coming soon!

New Federation Party

The New Federation Party (NFP)

bases its principles on creating a new uncorrupted Government infrastructure starting with a “new constitution” and a new federation for the Canadian people, whereby a new Canadian constitution will be “designed and created” by and for the people through a constitutional convention where delegates from across Canada will be elected, and create a draft constitution for public review and debate, and to provide an opportunity for changes and more debate until a final version is created.

Librti Talk Canada

Glorious & Free Social Community

Librti is a private & independent, freedom focused social community created out of necessity to help us connect, inform and prepare. Change comes through our powerful connections, conversations and collaborative action.

Freedom, Truth, Accountability & Community

Our community is founded on the core principles of Non-Aggression, and individual liberty; freedom of association, freedom of choice and voluntary association.

We value and support the freedom of information, ideas and opinions and encourage discussions and debates.


 We will stand strong using lawful, peaceful and effective ACTION to end the tyranny of those who are actively attempting to take away our Rights & Freedoms.

We will hold them accountable for their actions using truth & facts.

We will act in service to others while rising up to defend ourselves and our families.

Liberty Coalition Canada

What started with the effort to Reopen Ontario Churches and led to the writing of The Niagara 2020 Declaration has now developed into a national network of clergymen, elected officials, small business owners, legal experts and other concerned citizens. A variety of urgent concerns face our nation. Alone we are incapable of producing meaningful change, but together, with a clear vision for a better future, we can bring about change for the good of all Canadians.

Alberta Jericho March

For too long, liberty-loving Christians in Alberta have been deceived by serpents like Jason Kenney. This despicable deception has the further effect of transferring the rightful wealth of ordinary working-class people into the hands of the ultra-wealthy global elite.

1)  Force the recall/resignation of Premier Jason Kenney, and the UCP Government Cabinet.

2)  Unite all Patriotic Albertans under one political banner; and

3)  Return to a culture of liberty and decency throughout Alberta.

AB Independence Party

Our Mission

The people of Alberta, after being forced into the Canadian confederation without their consent, have attempted since 1905 to gain a fair deal in confederation without success. Therefore, it is necessary that The Independence Party of Alberta be established to end the cycle of injustice.

The Independence Party of Alberta is committed to separating from Canada and creating a sovereign nation, without exception.


The People’s Party of Canada brings together common sense, populism, classical conservatism, and libertarianism to create solutions adapted for the challenges of the 21st century. Our beliefs are succinctly summarized in our four founding principles: Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect

Button Boy (Thumbs Up Movement)


No More Lockdowns Canada

Since we learned about COVID-19 we have been inundated with experts and politicians perpetuating a narrative of fear at a time when we were not so clear on the science. Looking back at 2020, we have far more science to help us better understand how COVID-19 affects us and can better judge our response to it. Despite this, the narrative of fear continues from politicians and experts alike.

Misty Wind Media

Expert Silver Colorist, Digital Entrepreneur, Author, and Freedom Fighter!

Check Misty out on her websites!


Kevin J Johnston

The right man for the job! Johnston pulls no punches and won’t waste your time with any form of political correctness.

As a former Comedian, Radio Talk Show Host, Private Investigator and now current Investigative Journalist, Johnston is known well by all politicians in Canada and has an audience world-wide of more than 5 million for his social and political commentary shows.

Alberta To The Point (ATTP)

Truth. To The Point Conservative Discussion Page about Alberta and Canadian Politics.

Wildrose Independence Party

Albertans find themselves daily confronted by a federal government, far removed, with destructive, predatory policies designed to exploit and obstruct for its own ends, at our expense


Well-rounded REAL news from all corners of the continent, bringing you the TRUTH DAILY!

Republican Party of Canada

We will make Canada strong again. We will make Canada proud again, and we WILL make Canada GREAT again! – Rob Carbone

Freedom 4 Canada

As we find ourselves at the dawn of the “The Great Reset”, an “opportunity” as Justin Trudeau has said recently, to build back better.  The problem is that this devious plan is not intended to make your life any better, in fact the opposite, it will slowly destroy your freedoms and leave you without any hope for the future, a dystopian society concept known as Neo-Feudalism.

The Western Voice

Since corporate media is powered by advertising, sensationalism is the deciding factor when it comes to headlines. Unfortunately, Globalism is the agenda most TV and online platforms have embodied and #CancelCulture is getting to almost every talent that refuses to comply.

Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms

The Justice Centre is uniquely positioned to help Canadians who have faced shocking and stressful intrusions on their freedom. Our experienced in-house legal team provides legal advice and representation to clients without charge.

Founded in 2010 as a voice for freedom in Canada’s courtrooms, the mission of the Justice Centre is to defend the constitutional freedoms of Canadians through litigation and education. We fight for Canada to become and remain a free society, where the equality of all Canadians and their individual freedoms are celebrated and respected.

Lawyers 4 Truth

Lawyers 4 Truth are an Alberta-based coalition of lawyers advocating for our rights and freedoms, as well as providing tools for Albertans to exercise their rights under the lockdowns and Covid bylaws.

The Grizzly Patriot

The Forum for Canadian Sovereignty has been created to educate the masses in regards to the consequences of globalism and the globalist agenda, the great reset/Agenda2030

Stories: How the Lockdowns are Affecting Albertans

The lonely life when separated from the entire family

I am 67, retired from the oil & gas industry since October of 2019, so just before the end of freedom. Not the retirement I had imagined from a stressful life of raising a family as a mostly single mom of three boys. The boys moved on to Europe (Germany and Spain) where the rest…

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Rheumatoid Arthritis and water therapy

I am increasingly concerned with the lack of critical thinking around the decisions regarding the lockdown. Restaurants, gyms and pools, have asked for the actual ‘data’ that link any Covid cases, back to these venues and facilities; and yet, ‘crickets’. We have proven to the government, that we were able to follow protocols, and yet,…

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A Letter of Gratitude to Our Elected Government Leaders and Health Officials

Thank you. Thank you for mishandling the pandemic response since the beginning, and giving me an opportunity to reach out to my elected leaders and health officials for the first time in my life. Thank you for not responding to my numerous letters and showing me that you truly do not represent me or care…

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Beginner Lesson

Mid November, I went into Canada Diagnostic Centre in Signal Hill to have an X ray done. I was wearing my mask exemption button and the receptionist asked if I would be willing to wear a mask for the exam and I indicated that I would rather not. She then had me wait for her…

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If this continues I am not going to see my father before he dies….

My father will be 100 on Jan 20, 2021. Currently he is in good health and has a sound mind. Currently he resides in Martha's House in Lethbridge, Alberta. This facility contains 118 suites. The facility keeps a list of "caretakers" for the residents, who are relatives who are designated to visit and provide comfort…

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Business income virtually completely shattered

I lead spiritual tours. My Mary Magdalene tour in May this year was cancelled due to Covid. So lost majority of my income for the year. Small business I am meeting debt company Dec 31 for possible personal bankruptcy

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Humor & Satire